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Welsh Advisors' services are focused on incentives designed to help your business succeed.  Our value add is experience and expertise in each specialized area.  We have experience on incentives in all 50 states and Canada. 

  • Computer Software & Hardware

  • Apparel

  • Furniture

  • Building Materials

  • Electronics

  • Chemical

  • Agriculture

  • Transportation & Distribution

Employee Retention Credit

The Welsh Advisors’ employee retention credit (ERC) service applies to businesses that were affected by government ordered shutdowns in response to COVID-19.  The ERC is a refundable payroll tax credit of up to $33,000 per employee.


If your business had a decline in receipts in 2020 OR your business fully or partially suspended business operations due to state and/or local government orders, than it may qualify for the ERC. 


Sample of Qualifying Industries


  • Restaurants and bars

  • Gyms

  • Medical practices – Non-emergency

  • Non-essential retailers

  • Stadiums and other large venues

  • Daycare and in person schools

  • Travel/aerospace

  • And many others



  • Determine ERC qualification and document the qualification.

  • Calculate the credit, while considering any PPP amount forgiven.

  • Work with payroll processor to get the credit on the 941s.

  • File refund claims (form 941X’s) for clients.

  • Defend the credit/refund claims if necessary.

  • Fees are 100% contingent on refunds received.

Research & Development Tax Credit

The Welsh Advisors' research & development tax credit service applies to businesses of all sizes.  Many business activities qualify for the research credit including:


  • New or improved product development.

  • Changing production processes & techniques.

  • Designing production or manufacturing facilities and plants.

  • Prototype development.

  • Technology improvements & development.

  • Patent activity.

  • Modifying or improving formulas.

  • Testing new compounds, material and products.


We have worked with clients in many industries.  Popular industries include:


  • All Manufacturing

  • Engineering

  • Architecture

  • Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

  • Oil & Gas

  • Labs

  • Life Sciences & Medical Equipment

  • Food & Beverage


Welsh Advisors has worked with the IRS to create documentation and calculation processes for various industries.  These accepted processes are used to obtain research credits for our clients.  We can help your business obtain tens of thousands to millions of dollars in federal and state credit.




Transparency - Full transparency with R&D calculations and approach.

Fees - Low & Flexible Fees.

Results - Increased results with significant reduction in time to business unit participation.

Methodologies - Repeatable methodologies.

Experts - Our top level experts are hands on the entire process.



California Competes Tax Credit


The goal of this program is to encourage businesses to stay and grow in California.  Businesses that plan to increase headcount or incur capital expenditure in the next 5 years can ask the state for income tax credit.  They can get California income tax credits equal to 5% to 10% of their total investment. 

​Training Grants


States provide businesses grants to train and improve the job skills of new and existing employees.  California alone will provide $80-90 Million in grants for the 2015/2016 fiscal year.  Businesses that train new hires and current employees (including retraining) qualify for the grants.  Reimbursement will include a portion of your employee’s wages and training costs. 

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