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Welsh Advisors is a national provider of research and development credits and tax recovery services.  Our goal is to get your company credits and incentives. Combined we have over 45 years of experience with corporate tax credits, sales tax recovery and business grants & incentives.  


Our founder, Steve Ho, has a JD in law from the USC Gould School of Law.  He has been specializing in the research & development tax credit for over 25 years. Steve also has extensive experience with many other ancillary credits and incentives. Credits and incentives most companies and their CPAs are unaware they qualify for.  While managing research credit studies for many Fortune 500 companies in various industries, Steve has calculated well over $800 million in tax credits and refunds. His primary responsibility has been helping clients claim and defend the federal and state research tax credit. As a former Big 4 Senior Manager and Fortune 500 Senior Tax Manager, Steve has extensive experience conducting research tax credits, including documenting and claiming the credit, defending the claimed credit under audit, and reviewing the claimed credit as part of the FIN 48 process. Steve has built a methodology to capture qualified costs by projects for businesses with thousands of projects. Additionally, he has extensive experience with the IRS and state audits, appeals and settlement processes, with an audit acceptance rate of 98.5%. Steve also has experience and knowledge handling several successful PFA’s(pre-filing agreements.)


  • Over 25 years of experience with the research credit.

  • Calculated and documented over $800 million of credits for clients.

  • Defended over $70 million of credits in audit with a 98.5% sustention rate.

  • Good working relationship with IRS DFO – Engineering, IRS Industry Specialist – Energy, and IRS Engineering Manager for Dallas/Fort Worth area.

  • Specialize in alternative dispute resolution.

  • Obtained research credit pre-filing agreements for multiple clients. 


Our work is contingency based.  If we can't get your company credits, refunds and grants, there are no fees.  

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