Welsh Advisors obtains incentives for your company.

Tax Recovery. Training Grants. Credits.


Welsh Advisors works with companies of all sizes.  Our goal is to get your company monetary incentives. Combined we have over 37 years of experience with corporate tax credits, sales tax recovery and business grants & incentives.  

  • Research Credit

  • California Competes

       Tax Credit

  • Training Grants

  • Equipment & Supplies Sales Tax Recovery

  • Corporate Tax Consulting


All eligible companies should understand what government incentives are available to encourage innovation, protect jobs and grow revenue.  It is our goal to be your incentive expert.  We will help maximize all incentives for your business.  Welsh Advisors aims to exceed your expectations.  Reach out to us today for a free incentive consultation.




"Hats off to Welsh Advisors,


THANK YOU for the amazing job in 2015 guys! I really have enjoyed our work together and only see continued successes to come. It’s an exciting time to be working for Intertek, filled with change, ambition, challenge and unbelievable growth. 


Working with talented partners such as yourselves, willing to leave no stones unturned throughout Intertek’s vast network, truly speaks to your patience, work ethic and dedication.


2016 will be a banner year! 


Best regards,


Eric Saigeon

Sustainability Manager, USA & Canada